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VSI crushers have many different wear parts inside the Rotor. Including:
Rotor Tips, Back-up Tips, Tip / Cavity Wear Plates to protect all areas of the exit ports
Upper and Lower internal wear plates to protect the inner body of the rotor
Internal distributor plate to receive initial entry impact and distribute the material to each port
Feed Tube and Feed Eye Ring to guide the material centrally into the rotor
Internal Trail plates to maintain rotor stone beds formed during operation

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The Distributor plate is designed to protect the plate that joins the Rotor, Rotor Boss and Shaft together from feed material falling into the rotor from the hopper.

This part is subject to wear from both the feed material falling onto it (impact) and it also being “distributed” to the three ports in the rotor (abrasive).

It is attached to the rotor using one bolt that screws into the top of the shaft. (HELPFUL TIP) – This bolthole must be protected by stuffing a cloth in the hole and either letting stone build up on top of the cloth to protect it, or filling the gap with silicone. This must be done, or it can be very difficult to remove the bolt when needed.

The distributor is the wear part that receives the most impact wear, and will normally wear out the fastest in standard applications. There is only 1 distributor plate in each dressed rotor.

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