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These wear plates are designed to protect the upper and lower faces of the inside of the rotor from the feed material as it passes through the rotor (the material build-up protects the sides).

Wear plates are kept in place using the centrifugal force of the rotor as it is spinning, there are no nuts and bolts, only some clips for the plates to slide under. This makes them easy to change and remove.

The lower wear plates generally wear more than the upper wear plates due to under utilization of the rotors maximum throughput and the use of an incorrectly shaped trail plate.

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VSI Crusher Parts

SHANVIM  offers Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) wear parts, including shoes and anvils, for most makes and models. Our VSI parts are made with typical alloys as well as specialty alloys. SHANVIM parts ensure long wear life and consistent quality. This means lower operating costs, less down time for machine maintenance, and a more predictable wear life. Close attention is paid to quality control ensuring our parts fit properly. As with any parts spinning at high RPM, balance is critical to reduce vibration and increase overall machine efficiency and bearing life.

SHANVIM offers quality VSI parts in various alloys to ensure a longer wear life that will reduce your production costs for your specific application.

SHANVIM provides quality wear parts for some of the worlds leading Vertical Shaft Impactor manufacturers such as Barmac, Canica, Cedarapids, Cemco, ISC, Kolberg-Pioneer, Remco, Spokane, and Stedman.

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