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The Rotor tips are the last thing to touch the feed material as it exits the rotor. They have a Tungsten insert that improves wear life. We often use the life of the tips as a reference point for the other rotor wear parts.

The back-up tip is designed to protect the rotor if and when a rotor tip gets broken or worn out. When this happens the Tungsten insert in the rotor tip has split and is now letting feed material run against the Tungsten insert of the back-up tip.The back-up tip has a small Tungsten insert in it that will last for about 8 -10 hours of wear in normal operation. If this backup is broken again, or it wears out then the feed material can seriously damage the rotor due to abrasion.

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SHANVIM Machinery produces high quality Vertical Shaft Impactor parts.  We have high quality parts for all major machine manufacturers, The wear parts for a VSI are contained both within and on the outer surfaces of the rotor.Different parts have material technology to resist either impact or abrasive wear.

Selection of the correct wear parts for the application required is fundamental to ensure the desired performance. Parts must be chosen according to the feed material characteristics of abrasiveness and crush-ability, Feed size and Rotor speed to suit the product requirements.

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