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Rack shoes are widely used in crushers, excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes, pavers and other construction machinery. Shanvim crawler shoes use processing technologies such as profile blanking, drilling (punching), heat treatment, straightening and painting. The crawler shoes produced by Shanvim can complete station adjustment in a short time and enter the working state at any time. This can reduce the handling operation of materials and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary mechanical equipment. Through wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily driven to the trailer and transported to the operation place.

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Name:bulldozer 3 bar track shoes are made of cast steel, cast iron.

Material: alloy steel or according to customer requirements.

Dimensions: According to technical drawings.

The structure of Shanvim track shoe:

The commonly used track shoes are divided into three types according to the grounding shape. There are three types of single ribs, three ribs and flat bottoms. There are also triangular track shoes for individual ones. Single-reinforced track shoes are mainly used for bulldozers and tractors, because this type of machinery requires the track shoes to have a higher traction before adjustment. However, it is rarely used on excavating machines, and this type of track shoe is only used when a drill frame is installed on the excavating machine or when a large horizontal thrust is required. A higher traction is required when turning from a child, so a higher crawler bar (ie, a crawler spur) will squeeze away the soil (or land) between the crawler bars, and then affect the mobility of the excavator.

Steel track shoe can be divided into: excavator plate, bulldozer plate, these two are commonly used, using section steel as the raw material. There is also the wet floor used by bulldozers, commonly known as "triangular plates", which are cast plates. Another type of casting slab is used on crawler cranes. The weight of this slab is as small as tens of kilograms, and as many as hundreds of kilograms.

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