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Precautions for ball mill liner installation

The inner surface of the barrel of the ball mill is generally equipped with liners of various shapes. The liner is the main wearing part of the ball mill, and the performance of the liner will directly affect the service life of the ball mill. Therefore, you need to pay attention when installing the liner of the ball mill cylinder. The liner is generally longer than the mill cylinder. The installation workers in the mill install a row of liners, and the workers outside the mill must lock the nuts in time. It is necessary to rotate the mill At the same time, each bolt must be fully locked with the nut to prevent the liner and lifting strip from being displaced during rotation.

ball mill liner

Ball mill liners are directional, and attention should be paid during installation:

1. Do not install it backwards. The arc length of all circular gaps cannot exceed 310mm, and the excess parts are wedged with steel plates and cut off.

2. The gap between adjacent ball mill liners shall not be greater than 3-9mm. The interlayer between the liner and the inner surface of the cylinder should be laid according to the design requirements. If there is no requirement, the cement mortar with a compressive strength grade of 42.5MPa can be filled between the two, and the excess part should be squeezed out through the solid liner bolts. After the cement mortar has solidified, fasten the liner bolts again.

3. When installing the lining plate with rubber backing plate, open the rolled rubber plate 3 to 4 weeks before installation to make it stretch freely; when using the rubber plate, make the long side of the rubber plate follow the cylinder body Axially, the short side is along the circumference of the cylinder.

4. Carefully check the liner bolt holes and the geometric shape of the liner bolts, carefully clean the liner bolt holes and the flash, burrs, and protrusions on the liner bolts, so that the bolts can freely penetrate to the required position.

5. A complete set of liner bolts should be composed of bolts, dust-proof washers, flat washers, spring washers and nuts; in order to prevent dust leakage, do not forget to use dust-proof pads during use.

ball mill liner plate

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Post time: Aug-15-2023