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High manganese steel is the traditional material of jaw plate , because it has good toughness and good deformation hardening ability. According to the element content, Mn13%,Mn13%,Cr2%,Mn18%,Mn18%Cr2%,Mn22%Cr2%.Or according to the special ingredients under working conditions, the jaw plate of the new micro alloy high manganese steel jaw crusher produced by Zhejiang Shanvim has fine workmanship, rigorous ingredients and in place heat treatment.

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Our jaw plate is based on high-quality products with excellent finish, and is supported by an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the crushing process. Our mission is to work with our customers to achieve the best crushing cavity applications in terms of performance, cost effectiveness and results.


1. Jaw plate is a main product of Shanvim Company.This product is about 20% higher than international similar products in terms of ore consumption and service life.

2. Customer feedback shows that the good performance of Shanvim Company parts helps users reduce the cost of use, inspection and maintenance, and improves corporate efficiency.

3. The wear-resistant parts of Shanvim Company are finely processed and accurate in size, which can directly replace the original parts.

4. Shanvim Company accepts special specification products customized by customers.

5. Shanvim Company is responsible for all quality problems that occur during the product life cycle.


1.According to the data and comments provided by our global customers, Shanvim has the following advantages in many crushing applications:

2.High quality and longer wear life

3.Reduce the cost of crushed materials per ton

4.Save labor, support materials and downtime

5.Durable manganese steel and durable parts increase the up time of the crusher

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