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Impact plate is one of the primary wearing parts of an impact crusher. Impact plate made in shanvim® has brought owners huge maintenance cost savings. 
A higher initial hardness explains the extended service life compared with the typical manganese steel used. Mn steel is so-called deformation hardening steel, with an initial hardness of ~280 HB. Some users have more than doubled the service life after switching to shanvim®. The ease of welding and hardcover is another reason behind successful upgrades to shanvim®.

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The impact plate produced by  Shanvim adopts lost foam, water glass and sand molding process, with accurate shape, precision casting and environmental protection. On the premise of ensuring impact toughness, it also maximizes the wear resistance of products.


The vulnerable parts of the impact crusher include impact blow bar, impact block, impact plate, impact liner, impact square bar, impact latch segment, etc. the parts are cast from wear-resistant materials such as
high manganese steel, high chromium and wear-re
sistant alloy steel.Every link of Shanvim's production is monitored by 24-hour cameras. Before leaving the factory, it must be strictly inspected by the quality inspection department and implemented full inspection to ensure the quality of each product.

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